RICS Building Survey

The most comprehensive report currently available from the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) suite of building surveys, based around what was formally known as a Full Structural Survey and is now known as a Level 3 survey.

A RICS Building Survey is a through internal and external investigations of all the assessable areas of a building. This is then reviewed with information about the construction of the building and any information about extensions, modifications that need to be addressed.

This is all then assessed in the RICS Home Surveys Suites traffic light system with each item given a rating based on its current condition and a detailed description will be given as well as advice from your surveyor on how and when to address them appropriately.


When to get a RICS Building Survey

The RICS Building Survey is well suited to unusual properties, older or non-standard construction properties were buildings which are away from the status quo. They are most typically commissioned for older properties whether listed or not and are valuable for understanding the common issued associated with their original methods of construction, as well as giving new owners advice on the best methods to preserve or maintain their condition and rectify problems before they become devastating to the property.

Where our traditional building stock has been modernised, altered or extended a RICS Building Survey will be able to investigate if these modern methods of construction are affecting the traditionally built building such as PVC or Cement, which in modern houses designed to be kept dry function surprisingly well but in older traditional stock designed to have breathability there inclusion can lead to all sorts of moisture retention and this can lead to rot or beetle infestation.

Your RICS Building Survey will investigate all these issues and look for the tell-tale signs of them, and if found and appropriate offer advice and possible remedy unless additional investigation is required but it will detail this within the survey.

Another great use for a RICS Building survey is if you are buying a home with the intention of carrying out extensive refurbishment or it has been derelict or unloved for some time, the survey will better inform your work schedules can look for the signs of hidden issues such as rot and beetle infestation as well as structural movement.

You Can download a Blank RICS Building Survey Below:

Unsure if this is the survey for you? Compare the RICS Building Survey with our other RICS approved surveys, or contact us and we will be happy to discuss your survey options.

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